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Aurous Offers to Shut Down But RIAA Isn’t Interested

By November 15, 2015 No Comments

From the “Duh” Files. To recap. Kid makes BitTorrent front end ala Popcorn Time. Goes on Kickstarter… Gets sued. Kid has lame excuse about freeing the music, Music industry and it’s lawyers don’t find it cute. Kid’s future pretty much in the toilet. RIAA shows up late again, sues every, makes for great late night Talkshow jokes. And blog fodder here.

Word of advice. Stay way from Kickstarting anything that involves the words “BitTorrent” “Music” and “RIAA”.

You’re Welcomeâ„¢!

Following an attempt by its developer to completely open-source Aurous this past weekend, the RIAA says a court order which bans distribution of the controversial software has been violated.
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