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5 Common Music Career Mistakes To Avoid In The New Year

By January 5, 2016 No Comments
You’ve made a resolution this year to focus on your music and how to get it front of more people.
  • making more music
  • playing bigger shows
  • building your audience further
  • swapping out vanity metrics for revenue

Sounds good, right? what could possibly go wrong? Don’t worry, our friends over at Hypebot have you covered. They’ve started out highlighting some pitfalls to avoid.

1. Over-committing – Don’t do everything… pooryly
2. Missing your windows – Wanna Tour This summer, start planning now.
3. Not making the most of your opportunities – You’ve got to make it happen on your own
4. Ignoring your back catalog – It’s found money, what’s wrong with you?
5. Sticking to the well-worn path – The future is bright, don’t get stuck in the past.

For the independent artist, a new year means a new world of opportunities for succeeding in the music industry provided, that is, that these five distressingly common mistakes are avoided at all costs.

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