It seems like these days the “content” business is changing faster than you can point and click.

Let’s be frank. There’s a great saying, “Don’t build your dream home on rented land. If you are relying on social media platforms to be the main point of contact on the web for you and or your ideas, you are doing just that.

Let’s be extra frank. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Snapchat et al. don’t care about you or your career. They care about how much time you spend on their site and how many people you interact with while you are logged in. So stop it. Wise up.

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t spend all day snap-chatting or tweeting. If that’s your thing, live it up! We are saying, if you are trying to build a business mainly through Social Media, you are at best uninformed and at worst a sucker (ask us about algorithms). The only platform that matters is your website. If you don’t believe us, then answer these questions:

  • Why should your profile on some other company’s page rank higher than your website?
  • Are you selling things other than music?
  • Do you have an engaged mailing list?
  • Who is looking after your SEO?
  • Who controls the communication to your fans?
    • (hint) Do they encourage you to buy advertising to reach them?

At Milkshake, we think those are much more important things than vanity metrics because our bank doesn’t take “likes” as currency. We are happy to share our views, knowledge, and more. From inspiration to “the long tail”,  from SEO to e-commerce, and all stops in between, we’ve got you covered. People are throwing the word transparency around like a nerf football these days. We think it’s a word to live by.

We provide a transparent audit of your Internet presence and help you build a better one.