Here’s an example of a Deep Dive. Your’s will be much more detailed. You’re Welcome!™

You: Why do I even need this? I have a Facebook Page or Soundcloud Profile.

Well Sparky check it out. Your website should be where your fans come and find you and hopefully buy stuff. Why? Because social media platforms come and go. Today’s hot property is tomorrow empty husk of VC dreams. Not to mention that the goal posts can change over night. Algorithms change and you get left high and dry. While you have been sitting on Facebook all these years fishing for “likes”, they have gotten rich (cold hard cash kind of rich) off your content and your relationships. They have also switched from “organic” reach to “paid” reach to “Go f*** yourself” recently and you still think this a valuable use of your time?  Don’t forget a company’s most important audience is their shareholders not your band.

The point of this new internet age was to be able to take control of your content and your careers from “The Man” not just to give it to a new “The Man” because they have a cool modern logo and a name that doesn’t actually mean anything.

We are not saying these companies are evil. We just think you need to look out for yourself. Own your connection to your fans, and sell stuff. Oh and make the best music you can, duh.

The Milkshake Media Deep Dive will give you a really good idea where you sit, what you are doing right and what needs some improvement. You can thank us after.  Most of all, remember MySpace.